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Building Committee Update

  As spring draws closer we see new things taking place in the construction of our building. The phone poles that once stood in the way of our turn lane have been removed, most of the drywall has been installed and we have a temporary front door now in place. Please keep our construction process and our Building Committee in your prayers as we look to the future and the use of our building as a tool that God has given us to serve God’s people.

Butterfly Garden

  Recently Carol, Lori, Mona and I started a butterfly and hummingbird garden along the south fence because butterflies and moths need our help due to climate change. It also spruces up the vegetable garden area to remove the appearance of a stockade look. This garden will improve in appearance as it fills in with growth and future plantings. Currently we have Joe Pye weed which will get to be eight feet tall, butterfly plants, milkweed, bee-balm among others. If you wish to contribute plants let me know.


  Dale Olson recently spoke about our new “residents” on the 100 North property. I tried to get some pictures, but they are a bit camera shy, so the birds pictured to the left are from the Bluebird Society’s Facebook page.

  There are residents in the house just to the east of our driveway. They wouldn’t come out and talk, but they did allow me to take pictures of their home, which you see here to the right. There are six of these houses, along the front of the property.

  It is my understanding that the Hendricks County Bluebird Society monitors these, and MANY other Bluebird houses through the county. They keep track of nesting, eggs, hatching, condition of the houses, whether the houses are being used by bluebirds or other types of birds, and a host of other information.

  If you stop out to visit them, please maintain a respectful distance from their homes.

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